Macon Electric Cooperative

Miss MEC Queen Contest

The 2013 Miss MEC Queen Contest will be held Tuesday, August 6 during the Macon Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting. Girls ages 16-21 (as of August 1, 2013) submit a 2013 Contestant Entry Form and 2013 Contestant Information Sheet to our office by July 15th. For more details about this fun-filled and exciting opportunity, contact our office TODAY!

Miss MEC Contestant Rules

Contestants must reside with parent(s) or guardian(s) who live on and are members of the Macon Electric Cooperative System. 
(Note: Students in colleges, universities, business schools, etc., temporarily residing away from home, will be considered for these purposes as living at home.)

Daughters or granddaughters of employees or directors are not eligible.

No contestant shall be under 16 years of age or over 21 years of age as of August 1, 2013.

No contestant shall be eligible who is married or has been married.

No contestant shall be eligible who has been previously named Miss MEC.

Contestant may be sponsored by a local club (no money involved).  Sponsoring clubs are optional and not required for a contestant to enter the contest.

Contestant(s) must fill out and mail to Macon Electric Cooperative, the official Entry Form and Information Sheet. Entries must be in the Macon Electric Cooperative office on or before July 15, 2013. One (1) head and shoulder photo (recent) must accompany the entry forms. A recent school picture, or snapshot can be used, they can be either color or black and white. These photographs will be scanned and used for references to the judges and also for newspaper releases. Therefore, please make sure your picture is of proper resolution to suit those purposes.

Judging will be based on a personal interview and on-stage poise and speaking ability of the contestant. This contest does not have a talent or swimsuit competition.

Dress - Informal clothing. A simple dress, skirt and blouse, or suit is recommended. Any thing you would feel comfortable wearing in an interview.  (Only one outfit is necessary, as there may not be time to change before final judging at fairgrounds.)

Queen Contestant Entry Form (.pdf)

Contestant Information Sheet (.pdf)


Miss MEC - $250.00 - She will be eligible to enter the 2014 Miss Missouri State Fair Queen Contest in Sedalia.

1st Runner-up: $150.00.

2nd Runner-up: $100.00.

Sponsoring Clubs: $25.00 to club sponsoring the 2013 Miss MEC Queen. $15.00 to the other clubs sponsoring the finalist.