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Energy Efficiency Information Sheets

Air-source heat pumps Lighting your home with CFL's
Savings SpaceHeaters
Finding the right CFL bulb color Seal and insulate your ductwork
Insulation PhantomLoads
Build an energy-efficient home and save Reducing the cost of water heating
HomeEnvelope ManufacturedHomes
The truth about electric space heaters Energy-saving refrigeration
Ductowrk LedLights
Saving energy can be fun! Reduce energy use with Energy Star
GSHP's EEkids
Energy-efficiency ideas for manufactured homes Fireplace efficiency
AirSource HotTubandPoolCost
Ground-source heat pumps Save energy by tightening your home
Fireplace Efficiency Efficent Home
Hot tub and pool costs LED holiday lights
Fireplace Efficiency Fireplace Efficiency
Lighting your home with LED's Phantom loads
Fireplace Efficiency Fireplace Efficiency
Saving energy in the laundry room Seal your attic
Fireplace Efficiency Fireplace Efficiency
The truth about tankless water heaters Start seeing green - save energy and money!
Fireplace Efficiency Fireplace Efficiency
What you should know about insulation  
Fireplace Efficiency